My current research applies the tools to provide step-by-step process to assist the decision-making to evaluate the level of the organizational goals. The tool embedded in the framework (we named it as GOAL-Framework) using ontology. This involves to identify the dependency relationship between the set of the organizational goals and to identify the dependency relationship between the organizational data and organizational goals.


This tool will allow the flexibility to identify which goals to be evaluated and to evaluate the relevant organizational data from huge amount of datasets that relate to the organization goals. I am fascinated by what happens to the organizational goals structure and it elements when we applied ontologies to develop the relationship between these (organizational goals) elements and when we want to evaluate the data using the metrics in meeting this organizational goals. I am also very interested in the implication of this framework in different domains to test it flexibility and applicability. One question I would like to answer (maybe in the future) is what happens if or can we perform this framework to the decision-support systems, business intelligent or data linkage and data matching.

Ontology for the organizational goals. This figure shows the elements for

the organizational goals and the dependency relationship between the elements.

At the same time, my research structuring big data to set up a goal based on ontology to show the dependency relationship between social data and goal. At this stage of the research, we examine user trends on social media based on certain query as this query is defined as a goal. We use NodeXL to obtain and analyse data from Twitter. The results discuss the relationship for data from Twitter in relation to the specific goal. The outcome of this research will contribute to a significant achievement that provides an important innovation in research methods in big data era to trace how data flows across the social media and how to analyse this data.




Tweet that match to the queries in Write4Research network.

Ontology for the organizational goals. This figure shows the elements for  the organizational goals and the dependency relationship between this elements.
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Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 2.13.37 PM.png

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Dr Torab Torabi

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